Cheney Claims He Made Al Gore’s Head Explode

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney, in an exclusive interview with Dreadmonger, claims revelations in his new book “Made Al Gore’s head explode”.

“I sent him an advance copy of the book, couple weeks ago. He’s obviously read it. You can see from his recent speeches,” Mr. Cheney said, referring to Mr. Gore’s recent public appearances. “He’s definitely lost it. Brain’s gone to mush, I’d say. No doubt.”

“I told NBC this would happen,” said Cheney, ” You can check the video. This is verifiable.” Cheney was referring to his recent interview with NBC’s Jamie Gangel that was aired for the first time tonight on NBC’s Dateline telecast. In that interview, Mr. Cheney referenced his new memoir, In My Time, stating that his new book would “make heads explode all over Washington.”

Mr. Cheney continued, “First there was Gore’s famous ‘Bullsh*T, bullsh*t, bullsh*t’ speech. That was, let’s see, I think that must have been two days after he got a copy of my book. And now, there’s this incoherent rant comparing global warming to civil rights. Guy’s definitely had some kind of aneurism or something. And, I take full credit. Me and my little book.”

“Wait until Powell hears this,” Mr. Cheney continued, referring to former Secretary of State Colin Powell. In Mr. Powell’s appearance this past Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation he said, referring to Mr. Cheney’s book. “My head isn’t exploding. I haven’t noticed any other heads exploding in Washington.”

“Well, take another look Colin,” Mr. Cheney continued, ” take a peek at our buddy Al. Not looking like Al’s dealing from a full deck now, does it Colin?”

Dreadmonger tried repeatedly to contact Mr. Gore and Mr. Powell for comment but, as of this publication, our calls have not been returned.

Dreadmonger will provide updates as they become available.


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