Ivy League Grads Applying for Advanced Degrees at Hamburger U

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In what appears to be a response to the ever-tightening U.S. job market, college grads from a host of Ivy League schools have applied in record numbers for graduate programs at McDonald’sHamburger University“.

“It’s astonishing, really,” said Glenn Bapsbittley, dean of admissions at the Fred L. Turner Training Center, AKA McDonald’s  “Hamburger University”, in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. “We have not seen this level of interest since we introduced the Chicken McNugget.”

The University, which describes itself as the “global center of excellence for McDonald’s operations training and leadership development“, prepares its students for a career in fast food management. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecast this as one of the fastest growing management professions in the broader U.S. labor market.

Speaking on behalf of new students at Hamburger University, Malcolm Spurswell, Yale graduate from the class of 2010 said, “I am incredibly fortunate to have obtained admission to this prestigious institution. I firmly believe that this is the best place for me in my quest to become a key contributor to the country’s economic future.”

McDonald’s Hamburger University has received over 28,000 applications for the 175 graduate positions that will open this fall.  “We hope to expand the program next year to accommodate as many as 200 students,” said Mr. Bapsbittley.

Many of the students who didn’t make the grade to enter Hamburger U this year have taken entry-level positions at their local McDonald’s. Victoria Wang, Phi Beta Kappa honors graduate from the MBA program at Princeton University said she hopes that her experience working “on the grill” will propel her into consideration for next year’s class at Hamburger U. “If I have to work here for the next few years in order to achieve my dreams of attending Hamburger U, I will gladly pay my dues. The end goal makes it all worth while.”

Mr. Bapsbittley added, “It is heartwarming to see the youth of America diligently pursuing their educational aspirations. We are proud to play our part in building towards their future success.”


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