DNC Unveils 2012 Campaign Slogan: “Let’s Take Out These Lynching, Racist, Terrorist SOB’s and Send Them Straight to Hell!”

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, head of the Democratic National Committee, announced the party’s campaign tag-line for the upcoming 2012 elections:

“Let’s Take Out These Lynching, Racist, Terrorist SOB’s and Send Them Straight to Hell!”.

Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz introduced the new slogan at a rally held jointly by the SEIU and AFL-CIO in Decatur yesterday.

“We believe the new tag-line will re-energize the base of loyal, caring, hard-working middle-class voters who have been marginalized by the efforts of those on the right, especially the so-called Tea Party Movement.”

The tag-line was created by a DNC sub-committee consisting of Congressman Andre Carson, James Hoffa, Jr., Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Janine Garofalo. It was approved by Ms. Wasserman-Schultz and Vice President Joe Biden.

“The committee debated for quite a while,” said Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz, “over adding the word ‘Lying’ to the slogan. That would have made it ‘Let’s Take Out these Lying, Lynching, Racist, Terrorist SOB’s and Send Them Straight to Hell!’ . We thought that sounded better, with the slight alliteration on the L’s. But, ultimately, we felt there were two problems with that wording. First, it just made it too long, and second, we thought that might have taken it over the line a little bit. We are trying to keep the discourse civil. We don’t want to coarsen the debate.”

The slogan will be introduced on DNC 2012 Campaign materials, television and radio ads, and will be prominently featured in internet banner ads.

“We think it captures the moment and sums up where the party stands on the important issues of the day.” said Ms. Wasserman-Schultz.


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