Tiny mouse frozen in fear in the Himalayas

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Dreadmonger is brought to you by the team at F-State,  “Creating fear… selling solutions” .

At F-state, our mission is to help find a new target for your free-floating anxiety. Having accomplished our mission, our goal becomes to profit from that newly minted fear. Along the path, we help bring to the fore our colleagues in the worlds of advertising, journalism, politics, and  family & friends who work their magic every day to create that acute sense of dread that gives meaning to all our lives.

Next time you find yourself buying that new product or service, voting for that smiling politician, or giving in to that family foe – and you’re not sure why – remember the Sphere of Fear  brought to you by the hard-working folks at Dreadmonger.

Dreadmonger – powered by F-state!

“You see what power is – holding someone else’s fear in your hand and showing it to them!” – Amy Tan

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