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Elizabeth Warren to Pose Nude

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In a press conference held today on the loading dock of the Hercules Electric Battery, Wind Turbine, and Solar Panel manufacturing facility in Lowell, MAElizabeth Warren announced that she has reached an agreement with Maxim Magazine to pose in the nude for their upcoming December 2011 issue.

“I believe this makes a statement,” said Ms. Warren, “about just how serious I am in my candidacy for Senator of the great state of Massachusetts.”

Ms. Warren is apparently responding to a jab from her opponent Senator Scott Brown. A student questioner at last week’s debate, co-sponsored by the Boston Herald and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, noted that Senator Brown had posed for a nude layout in Cosmopolitan Magazine to pay for his college tuition. The student went on to ask how Ms. Warren had paid for her student fees. Ms. Warren quickly quipped “I kept my clothes on”. When later asked about the exchange, Senator Brown responded, “Thank God.”

Ms. Warren said in today’s presser that she has taken that as a challenge.

“I have found the people at Maxim to be most eager to write a serious and in-depth article about my candidacy and the ideas that I have put forward to make this great state an even better place for all Americans to call home. We will be able to cover in great detail the economic and social agendas that I have outlined as the bedrock principles of my candidacy. We will highlight the substantive differences between my approach and that of my opponent. And, there will be pictures of me naked.”

Ms. Warren went on to say, “As a woman and as a professional with over 34 years of service to the American people in government, education, and community action, I believe that there are times when we must rise to the challenge that has been laid down by those who proffer rigid stereotypes of what they deem to be the ‘appropriate’ female image. This article will give me the opportunity to express my ideas and to show the American people that a progressive, intellectual women of my age and experience can,with proper lighting and the appropriate optical filters, look hot.”

When Dreadmonger reporters asked Ms. Warren if her campaign had any plans for follow-on promotional material, she responded, “Well, if the photos turn out OK, I understand that my campaign is talking about some kind of Dove commercial.”

Senator Brown’s office did not return our calls for comment.

Dreadmonger will provide updates on the story as they develop.


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