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Media Vows to “Occupy Marco Rubio”

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(Dreadmonger Florida Bureau) New reports that show that Senator Marco Rubio‘s (R-FLA.) parents left Cuba before the Castro regime took power, not after as Senator Rubio had previously claimed, have mainstream reporters incensed and vowing to “occupy Marco Rubio”.

The news, first reported by the Washington Post last Friday, noted that Senator Rubio’s parents had moved to the U.S. in 1957, two years before the Castro regime took power in Cuba. The Post had obtained the information upon examining official records and naturalisation documentation. Senator Rubio had previously claimed on his web-site that his “Cuban born parents…came to America following Fidel Castro’s takeover.”

Senator Rubio has responded to the Post’s article by stating, “”If The Washington Post wants to criticize me for getting a few dates wrong, I accept that.”

But the story has triggered a  media feeding frenzy of attacks on Senator Rubio’s integrity. Calling it a “monster scoop”, Politico’s Keach Hagey noted, “It was a potentially explosive story, one that could call into question the credibility and the essential life story of someone the Republican establishment has rallied around with the kind of high hopes not seen since Ronald Reagan.”

Call Senator Rubio’s story a “lie”, the Huffington Post reported, “Florida Republican and Tea Party favorite Sen. Marco Rubio can add a new line to his political bio: He’s now part of a long list of politicians who have been accused of embellishing basic facts about their personal narratives.”

Chris Matthews of MSNBC said that Senator Rubio was “bragging” about his parents’ exile in a “ruse to make him look like a real anti-commie.”

CNN added,  “Rubio may need a whole book to explain the contradictions surrounding his biography.”

Reporters from CNN, the Huffington Post, the Daily KOS, Politico, and Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz from MSNBC have vowed to camp out on Senator Rubio’s lawn until, as Matthews said, “We get some answers.”

The group has set up a tent city with homemade signs declaring “Occupy Rubio Now!” on the front lawn of Senator Rubio’s Coral Gables home. As of our latest report of Thursday morning, they had been joined there by several dozen protestors.

The group has named Dennis Galbicker as the spokesperson and coordinator for group activities. Dreadmonger reporters caught up with Mr. Galbicker on Senator Rubio’s lawn earlier today.

“We have trademarked the name ‘Occupy Rubio Now!’,” said Mr. Galbicker, “and we are committed to staying here until we get some answers.”

When Dreadmonger reporters asked Mr. Galbicker what answers the movement sought, he replied, “Well, we think that Senator Rubio needs to explain why he has misrepresented his parents’ status as  ‘exiles’.”

When Dreadmonger reporters informed Mr. Galbicker that Senator Rubio had already answered that question, Mr. Galbicker said, “Well, we still have issues that need to be discussed. And, we’re not going anywhere until we get some answers to those questions. I mean, issues.”

Senator Rubio, in telling of the impact of his parent’s journey as exiles, recounted the following story,

“A few years ago, using Google Earth, I attempted to take my parents back to Cuba. We found the rooftop of the house where my father was born. What I wouldn’t give to visit these places where my story really began, before I was born. One day, when Cuba is free, I will. But I wish I could have done it with my parents.”

Dreadmonger will continue to provide updates as the story unfolds.

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Ron Suskind: “Geithner is a Werewolf, Rahm’s a Vampire”

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In an interview on MSNBC today, Ron Suskind re-iterated his claim that U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is a werewolf and that Rahm Emanuel is a 400 year-old vampire.

Mr. Suskind’s new book, Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President, released in bookstores today, details the inner workings of the White House during the financial crisis of 2008. Mr. Suskind appeared on MSNBC‘s Morning Joe this morning and told host Joe Scarborough that Timothy Geithner is, in fact, a werewolf and that Rahm Emmanuel is an ancient Carpathian vampire.

“It’s true,” said Mr. Suskind, “I have it on tape. We locked Tim in the basement bowling alley at the White House one night during a full moon. It’s a  frightening tape, but, you can tell its him. He just went nuts when the full moon came up. Just nuts.”

“And Rahm,” Mr. Suskind continued, “you never see Rahm out in sunlight. Only at night. Try to find a picture of him in the sun. Doesn’t exist. They had developed a network of ACORN sites that used to feed young, homeless girls up to Rahm’s office after hours. One by one, in they’d go, but they never came back out. Seriously creepy.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney quickly dismissed Mr. Suskind’s claims, calling them, “Specious and twisted. This is an example of Mr. Suskind’s warped imagination carrying him away. The book is pure sensationalism, full of errors and fantastic exaggeration.”

Mr. Suskind says of the White House, “They’re trying to throw up as much dust and doubt as they possibly can. But, if you get a few drinks in Christina Romer or Anita Dunn, they’ll tell you all about Rahm. It’s a different story with Tim. He can’t really help himself, poor guy. But Rahm is something else. Roams the halls at night, wearing that black cape with the red silk lining. The guy’s pure evil. He’ll suck the very life right out of you and won’t bat an eye.”

Mr. Suskind’s book goes on to document the purported ‘hostile environment’ towards women in the White House.

“Anita Dunn told me, and again, I have this on tape, that she was sick and tired of Rahm trying to get her off in a corner to bite her on the neck. That’s the real reason she left the administration. Christina too.”

Dreadmonger reporters asked Mr. Suskind about Valerie Jarrett, the Senior Advisor to President Obama.

“Well,” Mr. Suskind replied, “let’s just say you’ll have a hard time finding a recent picture of her out in the sun as well.”

Dreadmonger attempted to reach Mr. Emmanuel and Mr. Geithner for comment but they did not return our calls.

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