Nancy Pelosi Makes Crazy Eyes

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Once again today on the floor of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi made crazy eyes at the Representatives who held up their cell phone cameras.  Dreadmonger has been closely following the story on Minority Leader Pelosi which has largely been ignored by major media outlets.

This afternoon, Leader Pelosi gave an address to Congress in response to remarks received from her colleagues about her recent  comments about “life on planet earth”. She repeatedly paused throughout the speech to give her now-familiar “crazy eyes” stare to members of Congress who raised their cell phone cameras.

Members of the House were literally rolling in the aisles with laughter by the end of Ms. Pelosi’s address. Several members have speculated that Ms. Pelosi is developing a stand up comedy act that she will launch later this year. Pelosi has reportedly been evaluating her options since losing the Speakership of the House as a result of the defeat of the Democrat-controlled House last November. Many members have encouraged Pelosi to pursue comedy full-time.  One Congressman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said today that, “Nancy is a riot. She keeps the House in stitches – she is a natural comedienne. A lot of people don’t get her stuff, it’s too oblique. She is like the Andy Kaufman of the House. Seriously, she should be on SNL or something.”

Additional rumors within the beltway have Ms. Pelosi working on a book project. A compilation of  Pelosi Tweets called “Tweets from Crazy Eyes’ Suite” is said to be in pre-production talks at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Our anonymous Congressman was quoted as saying, “Nancy’s Tweets are off the hook. I have to be careful where I read them. She’s seriously wack.”

Ms. Pelosi would not respond to repeated requests for comment. Dreadmonger will continue to provide updates to this story.


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